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The Mind of Marlo heads to Steam

Ever wondered whether a Ricky Gervais-style mockumentary format would make for great adventure game fodder? Well, muse no longer as you can find out for yourself in Point Bleep Studios' recently-released The Mind of Marlo.

Poor Marlo Davenport has a rare disease. In fact, the disorder is so rare that he's the only known living case of "Spontaneous Silly Head Syndrome," which causes its victims to suffer from "temporary transformations." In helping the young man/cat/shark/slug, etc. cope with his curious ailment and search for a possible cure, players will "learn about Marlo's life through compelling monologues, solve fun puzzles to help him overcome his odd condition and figure out just what the heck is happening to him!" But the digger you deep, the more questions are raised, as "not everything is as it seems as you'll discover unravelling Marlo's strange story."

If that setup weren't strange enough, here's where the game really gets weird. Described as "an absurd combination of TV show The Office and classic point and click adventure games of old," The Mind of Marlo is presented as a faux-documentary with a minimalist pixel art presentation and fully-voiced "talking heads" with over 20 minutes of recorded dialogue delivered in suitably droll British accents. 

Created by a two-man team based out of Argentina and the UK, The Mind of Marlo is intended to be just the first of many such "odd, narrative driven adventure games in the guise of cinematic 8-bit TV shows" from Point Bleep. The game is available now for download through Steam on Windows and Linux.

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