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By Jove, Yorkshire Gubbins is now available

And now for something completely different... Yorkshire Gubbins!

The nod to Monty Python in introducing Yorkshire Gubbins is entirely intentional, as this game is described as a "stupendously original and incomprehensibly daft anthology of hour-long point and click comedy adventures set in the most magical of English Shires: Yorkshire." Other than their shared county setting, the episodes contained in this first "season" of adventures are entirely standalone, and can be played in any order.

The game has launched with three episodes, a tutorial called "Verb School" which introduces the nine-verb interface; "Holy Molluscamony," a "revoiced and reworked version" of the freeware release that won Best Dialog and Best Characters at Adventure Jam 2017; and a longer episode called "Humble Pie," about "the terrible consequences of ruining your best friend's wedding." There is plenty more where those came from, however, as indie studio The Stairfall Institute plan to add "at least 4 more episodes of Humble Pie's length over the next 8-9 months which will be available to players at no extra cost."

As can be seen in its screenshots and trailer, Yorkshire Gubbins features an old-school presentation with several modern twists. The Stairwell Institute's Charlotte Gore describes their minimalist approach as "cinematic pixel art" with a "diverse range of lip synced characters, combined with baroque lighting effects and post-processing filters to create a unique visual style that's warm, friendly and accessible." All characters are completely voiced, boasting "a cast of regional voices with the same accent they have on Game of Thrones." The music, meanwhile, has been implemented with "hexMuse," a system inspired by LucasArts's iMuse that "dynamically transitions between different tunes as you move between rooms." Even the interface, although clearly inspired by the SCUMM-based classics, has been recreated in the developer's own custom-built engine.

With only three episodes available so far on Windows and Mac in the current version of Yorkshire Gubbins, the game is budget-priced accordingly on Steam. Each new episode released will be available free to those who own the game, but the base purchase price will rise as new content is added. (In other words, the early adopters get the most bang for their... uhh, quid?)

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