A Collection of Bad Moments to befall us later this year

In life, we all want to avoid a collection of bad moments, but in gaming they can make for grand entertainment, as indie developer Sky Trail Studios hopes to show us later this year with their appropriately-named latest sci-fi adventure.

Rather than telling one coherent story, A Collection of Bad Moments is exactly like it sounds: an anthology of four completely different scenarios in which something has gone terribly wrong. With no overarching storyline tying them together, the settings and challenges promise to be highly diverse, ranging from a "deadly asteroid mission and mysterious virtual reality simulation to an airship duel." The only common denominator: players "must use their wits to figure a way out!"

A Collection of Bad Moments is presented in first-person 3D, though the actual locales differ greatly in style, from the lovely airborne vistas in "Sky Captain" to the minimalist line drawings of a virtual town in which you find yourself alone after awaking from years of hibernation in "Beyond Green Lane". You can move around freely in each, using either a keyboard/mouse combo or gamepad controls. Some scenarios pose an element of timing or danger, but the developers have confirmed that this is "virtually a pure adventure game" in which traditional problem-solving and object interaction, not twitch reflexes, are the keys to success.

Sky Trail is no stranger to multi-mission sci-fi adventures, having already released Trajectory earlier this year for PC. A Collection of Bad Moments will also feature VR support, though unlike its predecessor, this game has not been designed specifically for virtual reality. While you wait for the target completion date sometime before the end of the year, you can learn more about the game through its official website.

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