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Spine-tingling announcement made for horror adventure Shiver

If you ever visit the Canadian north, expect to do a lot of shivering. But it's not just the cold that will have players quaking next month, when indie developer Kowai Sugoi Studios abandons us in an eerily deserted national park in the upcoming horror adventure Shiver.

Shiver is set in the 1990s, back before cell phones and the Internet were omnipresent. Players control a man who is trying to visit his father in a retirement home in northern British Columbia. On your way there, however, you will "find yourself stranded in the strangely abandoned Windy Oaks National Park: a new park founded on land donated by the Samstone Mining Company as an act of goodwill after a catastrophic sinkhole accident." Now, using only your "wits and tenacity" and the useful items you locate and acquire, "spanning the course of one captivating hour, you will attempt to unravel the mysteries of the park and escape with your body intact."

Designed to be finished in a single play session, the commercial "spiritual successor" to the popular 2016 freeware game Cozy takes the first game's "core ideas [...] and expands on them, with a fresh narrative, high-fidelity art, and an even-more-immersive atmosphere." Presented in the familiar slideshow-style first-person perspective, the artwork this time is "constructed through a combination of painting and photography," depicting an environment the two-man development team knows well, having grown up in the "Great White North" themselves.

There is no firm release date for Shiver just yet, but it's not far off as it should be available for Windows, Mac and Linux in time for Halloween. To learn more about the game in the meantime, drop by the official website for additional details.

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