KING Art anything but idle with Shakes & Fidgets announcement

Things must have been getting a little too dark for KING Art Games, given their work on the new Black Mirror reboot, so the German developer has set its sights on much lighter fantasy fare once again, this time in the form of Shakes & Fidgets: The Adventure.

While no specific details have yet been revealed, the point-and-click game is based on the popular free browser-based MMORPG, which itself was based on the German comic series by Oskar Pannier and Marvin Clifford. The original comics are also cited by Creative Director Jan Theysen as an inspiration for KING Art's own highly acclaimed The Book of Unwritten Tales adventures. Shakes & Fidgets will similarly provide a "parody of fantasy clichés," but Theysen claims that the new game is to "become our Day of the Tentacle: Crazier, faster and even funnier."

As seen in the first screenshots unveiled, Shakes & Fidgets: The Adventure will feature Clifford's distinctive comic art, and publisher Playa Games claims that the game will also deliver the "first-class voice acting and a superb orchestral soundtrack" that we've come to expect from KING Art productions. This won't be a small or casual game, either, with boasts of "crisp puzzles and over 20 hours of top-notch gaming fun" rounding out today's initial announcement.

There is still no word on a launch date or available platforms, but interested gamers can follow the game's progress through its Facebook page.

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