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Iceberg preparing to release Inmates

Usually waking up from a nightmare brings a sense of relief, but not if you awaken to find yourself with memory loss and locked in a horrific prison, unsure if you're even really awake. Such is the disturbing premise of the new psychological horror adventure Inmates, coming later this year from Iceberg Interactive and developer Davit Andreasyan.

Stepping directly in the prison-issued footware of a man named Jonathan, you snap back to consciousness in a "run-down" jail cell with no recollection of how you arrived there. And yet, although "terrified and confused, [...] you also feel something else: a painful sense of familiarity." You try to convince yourself that "this is all just a nightmare. Unfortunately, according to the voice coming from the old radio, things are not as simple as you’d like them to be." You'll need to piece together the mystery behind your imprisonment here, and try to maintain a fragile hold on your sanity in the process.

A first-person, free-roaming 3D thriller, Inmates promises an intense psychological horror experience combined with a number of "mind-bending puzzles" to solve along the way. With limited sources of light, you'll need to make your way through the often dark and realistically rendered environments intended to create a "suffocating setting" full of disturbing imagery, as teased in the game's announcement trailer.

Designed to be a shorter (3-4 hour) experience and budget-priced accordingly, there is no firm launch date just yet for Inmates, but it's expected to be released for Windows PC "within the next few months."

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