Secret in Story revealed in Steam release

Love is a heartfelt, puzzling thing, so it should be perfect subject matter for the artistic indie adventure Secret in Story, which was recently released on Steam.

Secret in Story is a dialogue-free "love journey" featuring "pictures intertwined with montage techniques" and accompanied by piano. While no specific story details have been revealed, leaving players to discover them on their own, the journey promises to be filled with challenging puzzles to unlock in order to "open every door of memory, to find the youth that [had] been missing."

The creation of indie developer Luo Zhi En, Secret in Story features a largely black-and-white hand-drawn presentation. But though it has simple point-and-click controls, it is no ordinary adventure. The gameplay video details the three main types of player interaction in order to move the story forward, including finding the right object before a timer run out, discovering the correct order of a group of items, and clicking on the correct places in the environment to avoid imminent danger. The big catch, however, is that if you fail you die, beginning again from the start. The full game should take less than an hour to successfully complete, but may require many attempts in order to finally reach the end. 

Available for Windows and Mac, Secret in Story is available now for download on Steam.

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Secret in Story  2017

Accompanied by beautiful piano music, you begin to experience a wonderful love journey. There is no dialogue, only pictures intertwined with montage techniques. Players need to unlock each puzzle to open every door of memory, to find the youth that we have been missing.

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