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Feast your eyes on All You Can Eat

Normally when we call something a "comic adventure", we just mean that it's done in cartoon style and meant to be funny. But two-man indie developer Gamechuck has taken that phrase to a whole new level with the upcoming All You Can Eat.

Abusing the privilege of an "all you can eat" coupon, a young man has been "living inside a 24/7 diner for the last ten years." Now, however, his freeloading ways are in jeopardy, as "the diner is about to close for good and our hero is going to end up on the street unless he finds a way to keep the diner open." And so begins a "light-hearted comedy with dry and slightly weird humor."

While the premise certainly sounds bizarre enough, it's the presentation that really sets All You Can Eat apart. Described as an "interactive comic" inspired by the likes of Dilbert and Calvin & Hobbes, the game has been literally designed like a three-panel, black-and-white newspaper comic strip. Progress is achieved through a series of player choices and interactions, each of which "creates a new comic panel, furthering the story." This is no mere gamebook, however, as you can also pick up and use items, and talk to other characters just like any traditional adventure. A single playthrough is intended to take less than an hour, but it can be replayed with other choices to see how events play out differently. As an added bonus, you can even print out your story upon completion, just like a real comic book. 

While there's no specific release date for All You Can Eat just yet, the game has already been completely developed and Greenlit on Steam, so final launch on Windows, Mac and Linux should be following soon. 

Details on All You Can Eat

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