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The Legend of Snowblind grows into full commercial adventure

Water can come in all sorts of forms. It can flow freely as a liquid, harden and freeze at sub-zero temperatures, or even evaporate into wispy steam. Those kinds of transformative properties could sure come in handy in an adventure game, which is just what will happen with the upcoming release of indie Croatian developer Duje "Dux" Šegvić's The Legend of Snowblind.

The game casts players in the role of an elemental named Flake, who is lost without any memory, and yet is the only one who can save the world from impending doom. Fortunately, Flake is able to change into four water-based shapes, from a small cloud that can fly to a giant ice monster capable of brute force in order to overcome the obstacles in his path. Sometimes he'll "need to be bad to do good" in his quest to save the "heartgem of the planet" against all odds, and along the way he'll meet a host of bizarre characters, including a dreamy elephant, a one-horned moose, a clumsy hedgehog, and even a bigfoot.

Inspired by the LucasArts classics, The Legend of Snowblind is likewise a hand-drawn, third-person point-and-click adventure, though with its own shape-shifting gameplay twist. The game actually began life as a freeware adventure way back in 2006, the first episode of which is still available for download (or you can simply watch it in its entirety). This version of the game is no mere remake, however. Instead, it's an "entirely new game with considerable quality improvements" in every respect, including gameplay, story and graphics, plus an original soundtrack, so its free predecessor should not be considered representative of the upcoming commercial release.

The Legend of Snowblind is currently on track for release on PC and mobile platforms sometime next year, with a crowdfunding campaign likely to help speed the process along and offer other quality enhancements. To learn more about the game and support its development while you wait, be sure to visit its conceptual Steam page.

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