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Lemuria: Lost in Space lands on Steam

Danger, Will Robinson! Wait, no. Wrong robot, wrong Lost in Space. This isn't the campy old 1960s sci-fi television show, but Lemuria: Lost in Space, a newly-released sci-fi adventure blending adventure, RPG, and survival elements. There is danger, though.

The game is named after the Lemuria 7, a spaceship that went missing for over 70 years. Recently it reappeared in the solar system, but badly damaged and completely abandoned. What happened to the ship and its crew, and why did it return? As Abrix, an AI-assisted robot that can hack computers, wield weapons, and operate in extreme temperatures and high levels of radiation, it will be your job to explore the ship's hundred-plus rooms as you "solve dozens of puzzles, find valuable resources and fight with security turrets and other enemies."

Venturing through the ship in free-roaming 3D and completing puzzles will reveal new story details about the ship's crew, as well as reward players with the necessary resources to proceed – running out of battery power or anti-radiation protection will prove fatal. Far from a traditional adventure, Lemuria will also include roleplaying elements such as "special software that allows [Abrix] to upgrade himself during the mission." A hacking minigame will "challenge your math, geographic and logical thinking skills" and result in the ability to overrun security systems, while another allows you to access the ship's network in order to "avoid certain fights with hostile robots."

If you're a little uneasy about the mix of action and adventure, rest assured that you can check it out for yourself through the playable PC demo, recently upgraded with full voice-overs. If you like what you see, the full game is just a click away on Steam.

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