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Trajectory targeting March landing

The last few days of one's prison sentence must be an anxious but exciting time, with the monotony of captivity giving way to the freedom of an uncertain future, but all the more so when you're an inmate aboard an orbiting spaceship. Indie developer Sky Trail is certainly counting on that as the premise of Trajectory, a 3D sci-fi adventure due to release next month.

Trajectory casts players in the role of a convict aboard the "prison vessel that is owned by a clandestine, quasi­-governmental agency called Orbitek." In your last fews days before release, you are tasked with daily routines to follow via intercom by the Orbitek warden. Then again, you could choose not to follow them. (You certainly aren't above breaking the rules, after all – perhaps you can obtain freedom on your own?) What happens next is largely up to you, as there is a large pool of randomly selected missions to choose from each time you play, ranging from "general maintenance tasks to daring and valorous exploits." In between, you can freely explore the module in which you're incarcerated. The choice of paths you take affects not only the missions themselves, but which of the various endings you'll get.

A first-person adventure that promises to be both dystopian and whimsical with a humorous tone, Trajectory is set in an anachronistic future in which "floppy disks are still in use, flight trajectories are displayed in ascii graphics and text adventure mini games abound." Different missions require different approaches, but logical deduction will be required to progress. According to the developer, some levels involve the physical manipulation of objects, along with a variety of puzzle minigames such as operating a cargo drone, watering plants remotely, putting out a fire in space, solving electronics puzzles and more. A few missions will have some platforming elements, and one a light bit of stealth, but there is no combat involved at all. Along the way, you will discover collectibles like lost journal entries and computer logs to flesh out the background story.

As with the gameplay variations, the visual design of Trajectory also depends on the current objective. You may find yourself, for example, on "an experimental space desert, recreational holodeck or de-orbiting space station," which greatly alters the look of the game both in setting and style, as teased in the game's screenshots and trailer. Although designed for keyboard/mouse control and standard monitors, virtual reality will also be supported with a user-friendly "specially tailored VR mode."

While no specific date has been set just yet, the launch of Trajectory is not far off, as it's expected to release on Steam for Windows and Mac sometime in March.

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