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Anthology being compiled for PC release this year

We've all heard the hypothetical "where were you when...?" question that surrounds important historical events, which makes for an interesting contrast in perspectives. The upcoming indie adventure Anthology plans to take that concept and run with it, telling five distinct stories set in one city at one particular important time.

As its title suggests, Anthology is not one cohesive story but five small vignettes set in a sprawling "faraway city" and taking place all in a single afternoon. The importance of this particular time has not yet been revealed, but as "a major world event is unfolding", each story features its own playable protagonist and most will have secondary characters to interact with. Although fictional, this backdrop promises to feel "strangely familiar" and the inhabitants you meet easily relatable. It's the place itself that "ties the stories together, and whose nature gradually reveals itself as you play through each game in turn."

Spearheaded by Lewis Denby, former games journalist and co-creator of Richard & Alice, Anthology once again features retro-styled pixel art, though with a much more traditional and refined third-person style than the developer's previous game. Credit for that goes to artists Khaled Makhshoush and Francisco Gonzalez, the latter no stranger to the adventure genre, having created the Ben Jordan freeware series and A Golden Wake for Wadjet Eye.

There is no firm release date for Anthology just yet, but the developers are targeting completion sometime this year, for Windows at minimum and hopefully Mac and Linux as well. While you wait, you can drop by the official website to learn more, and support the game by voting for its Greenlight campaign on Steam.

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