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A Long Road Home reaches destination December 23rd

The RPG Maker engine may soon need to change its name to RPG/Adventure Maker. The latest adventure game developer to usurp the third-person isometric perspective and 16-bit presentation style from the RPGs of yesteryear is One Bit Studio, whose A Long Road Home is due to release just before Christmas.

A Long Road Home puts players in the role of a young man (with any name of your choice) who becomes wounded and separated from his family when they are attacked along the way to their new home. Behind this plot is a secret cult "led by an alien being called Amuna, who is able to travel between the infinite numbers of planes (dimensions)." Having conquered numerous worlds already, she now has her sights set on this one, and aims to use our hero for her own devious ends. If the protagonist is to reunite with his mother and sister, he must venture through "catacombs, secret temples and frozen mountains" while escaping the clutches of the evil invaders.

If that description, along with the birds-eye pixel art display, sounds like the recipe for a combat-heavy adventure, think again. Designer Gabor Domjan is promising a "classic point and click adventure game, with many text descriptions, puzzles and item usage." There will be plenty of objects to collect and often combine on your journey, which will be needed to overcome the many obstacles in your path. The game even allows for simple mouse control, though it supports keyboard movement as well. The lack of combat means a shorter play time, of course, though Domjan still estimates there will be 5-6 hours of gameplay all told.

The good news is that there's a playable PC demo of the game already available (which was released earlier, but recently received a graphical upgrade). The better news is that the complete game is coming hard on its heels, with final launch planned for December 23rd on sites like itch.io, Game Jolt and IndieGameStand. However, a Greenlight campaign is also underway to get the game released on Steam.

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