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You Deserve a little horror today

If it's true that you get what you deserve, then horror fans might want to think about getting the newly-released You Deserve, a 3D first-person survival horror from indie developer TGA Company.

You Deserve stars Amy Cooper, the leader of a group of teenagers who mercilessly "harassed a colleague in Raiven's High School." Overwhelmed by the bullying, the victim committed suicide, vowing to get revenge from beyond the grave. Too late in discovering the deadly repercussions of her actions, Amy now finds herself all alone in a dark and ominously unknown location, and must figure out where she is and how to escape alive.

A free-roaming, 3D first-person adventure that's projected to take 4-5 hours to complete, You Deserve requires careful exploration of your surroundings in search of clues – often with only the limited lighting you carry yourself – while solving what the developer describes as "lots of difficult puzzles" along the way. But you are not alone in these creepy environs, and at times you'll need to be stealthy to remain hidden from the danger lurking in the shadows.

Released exclusively on Steam, You Deserve is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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