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Haven Moon rises today on Windows, Mac, and Linux

A new moon phase starts today for Myst-style adventure fans, as indie French developer François Roussel's Haven Moon has quietly arisen on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Haven Moon is inspired both by Cyan's popular series and by the works of Jules Verne. The game teleports players to the moon of Seleos, orbiting the planet Menra. There you receive a note from someone named Ektor Turren, the "only survivor of a cataclysmic event that destroyed his world." For reasons as-yet-unknown, Ektor's note explains that he wants to leave his life's riches to you. As you begin exploring the moon's islands, you hope not only to discover the treasure and get back home with it, but also determine who Ektor Turren was and what happened to his world.

The trailer and screenshots of Haven Moon show off some of its fantastical landscapes and machinery in crisp detail. What they don't show is that although rendered in real-time 3D, Roussel has designed the game to be played entirely with the mouse. Your journey across Seleos reveals a "calm and lonely place where you hear the sounds of the sea, the wind and the beautiful music." You'll also encounter a variety of puzzles that are fully integrated with the story and promise to be "not too hard nor too easy, just like the length of the adventure is made to be not too long nor too short. Everything is balanced to provide a light relaxing and peaceful experience, to spend a pleasant time in an imaginary world."

If you're eager to begin some moon-based treasure hunting, there's no need to wait, as Haven Moon is now available on Steam. To learn more about the game, you can visit the official website for additional details.

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