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Projector Face playing on PCs

Summer is the big season for movies, so what better time for the release of Projector Face, a point-and-click adventure from indie developer Fluik Entertainment.

As you'd imagine, the star of Projector Face is a "misunderstood creature" who has a movie projector in place of his head. His greatest skill is the ability to play movies on any suitable surface, but in order to befriend the local kids in town, players will first need to help him "gather items needed to solve a variety of puzzles, as well as create and repair old film reels and the surfaces they can be projected onto."

With no mouth to speak with, Projector Face is a voiceless protagonist who must try to "communicate in the only way he knows how." The game uses a silent film-style narration to help convey the story in between the traditional adventuring sequences, which are presented with "100% hand drawn characters and environments".

Projector Face quietly released in June (the blockbusters always overshadow the indies!), so if you like what you see, there's no need to wait as the game is available for PC download on Steam.

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