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The Secret Monster Society opening soon to public

Though we've likely all experienced childhood night scares, not all monsters are scary and mean. In fact, some of them are kind and crucial to our welfare, like the dream monsters in Deceptive Games' upcoming four-part adventure, The Secret Monster Society.

The monsters in this game definitely aren't the stuff of horror movies and nightmares. They live in a world deep inside ours called the "Underworld", where they supply human beings with dreams. Without this "perfect harmony" maintained between worlds, "our dreams would fade, and with it, our imagination, creativity and inspiration." So it's imperative that nothing bad happen to the Underworld – but something is about to, unless a little monster named Blithe Dalrich, with the help of his best friend Aphonic, can manage to save both his world and our own.

If there are any lingering concerns about The Secret Monster Society being scary, those will be instantly put to rest by the colourful graphics and comic sensibilities. The game will be fully voiced with more than a hundred "zany" characters to interact with, and all high resolution artwork and animation is being hand-drawn to make it feel like "Saturday morning cartoons." The gameplay, meanwhile, is being fashioned after the genre classics, promising "plenty of puzzles and mini-games", including the ability to travel through time. Each episode should provide about two hours of exploration, dialogue, and other adventuring goodness.

The first of four planned episodes is nearly complete for PC, with the developers hoping to launch on Steam through a successful Greenlight campaign. To whet your appetite while you wait, a short demo is available, set right at the start of the game. To follow the further progress of The Secret Monster Society, you can learn more from the developer's website.

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