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Whispers of a Machine heard faintly from upcoming adventure

Many sci-fi stories warn us of the dangers of advancing too far technologically, but what if society actually paid heed to such dangers – or at least, tried to? This is the intriguing backdrop to the upcoming Whispers of a Machine from indie developers Clifftop & Faravid.

Whispers of a Machine (briefly unveiled under the alternate title God's Algorithm) is set several generations in the future, when the world has "regressed to a pre-industrialisation state". Fearing the "potentially catastrophic emergence of a self-aware, super intelligent AI-entity", there was a global movement to "discontinue all use of advanced robotics and artificially intelligent computers." Worldwide technological collapse ensued.

Naturally, such a massive upheaval isn't without its challenges, as a federal homicide detective named Vera is about to discover. Sent to a rural outpost called Nordsund to investigate a series of murders, Vera soon discovers that "the victims and their murderers are factions in a war about technology and religion. While some want to awake the AI-god, seen as a last deity in a godless world, others are vehement technophobes. Did the government have an ulterior motive in sending Vera to Nordsund?"

The game will be a "mostly traditional" third-person adventure that promises hand-painted 640x400 graphics and classic puzzle-solving. But it will also feature some action elements and the use of cybernetic implants that confer special powers to the protagonist to assist in her investigation. According to the developers, progress will be achieved through a fairly non-linear game world, with multiple endings that hinge of player choice.

If a mystery in a remote Scandinavian outpost sounds familiar, that's probably because one of the two founding developers for the game is The Samaritan Paradox's Petter Ljungqvist. The other is Kathy Rain's Joel Staaf Hästö, though the two men plan to recruit additional help in order to complete the project. With production still in the early stages, there is currently no firm timeline for release, but if all goes well, Whispers of a Machine will be heard from on Windows, Mac, and mobile platforms sometime in 2017.

WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD Whispers of a Machine

Whispers of a Machine is available at:

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