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Teaser trailer, screenshots display first pieces of Mosaic

Krillbite Studio scared the bejeebers out of us in 2014 with our childhood fears in Among the Sleep. Now the indie Norwegian developer is setting its sights on purely adult anxieties in the form of its upcoming Mosaic.

Very few story details have been unveiled so far, but Mosaic will be a "narrative-heavy game that tells a story about urban isolation". The male protagonist feels this despair deeply, having "lost his hopes and joys, in a life that lacks meaning." The first teaser highlights this depressing sense of "alienation and mundanity where every day is the same", until something dramatic happens that promises to change his live forever. What that means, we still don't know for sure.

Unlike the realistic 3D graphics of the developer's previous title, Mosaic seems to swing to the other end of the pendulum, featuring a highly stylized, angular aesthetic, as displayed in the trailer and early screenshots released.

There is no firm timeframe for Mosaic's release, but it is currently on track to be completed for Windows, Mac, and Linux sometime next year, with console versions possible but not yet confirmed. To learn more about the game in the coming months, you can keep your eye on its official website.

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