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Undercover Missions: Operation Kursk K-141 emerges on PC

By their very nature, submarines are designed to be stealthy, sneaking up on you when and where you least expect them. So it's entirely fitting that an entire point-and-click adventure set on a submarine managed to swoop in without appearing on the radar, in the form of Undercover Missions: Operation Kursk K-141.

Based on real events in the year 2000, the adventure stars Russian secret agent Belyaeva, who boards the titular nuclear submarine in order to stop a criminal organization from stealing key weapon systems. But you'll need to work fast and think smart, as "after an undercover partner goes missing, you must find the culprit before Kursk K-141 and the truth fall to the bottom of the ocean."

The game's third-person 3D graphics depict almost 50 different scenes, ranging from Russian towns to the outer deck of the Kursk K-141 to its many inner chambers. As you progress through the game's nine lengthy chapters in pursuit of the traitor to your country, you'll encounter "11 mini-game challenges [that] test your skills and wit" as well as "solve unique puzzles, engage with interesting characters, and hunt for clues in your search for the truth."

The Kursk K-141 set sail earlier this month, but if you like what you see, comrades, you can still catch up to it on PC through Steam.

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