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Psychological horror-drama Masochisia unleashed on public

Here's a disturbing thought: What if you found out you were inevitably fated to become a dangerous lunatic? Would you embrace your destiny? Fight against it? Can you change your destiny? These are some of the central questions at the heart of Jon Oldblood's newly-released psychological horror-drama, Masochisia.

Although a point-and-click game, Masochisia is anything but a traditional adventure. You are not the hero; in fact, you're the "bad guy" who's "clearly insane". Or at least, you're well on your way and will continue along this path if you're unable and/or unwilling to prevent it. Playing a young man who "discovers through a series of hallucinations that he will one day become a violent psychopath", it will be up to you to decide what to do about these revelations. But your course won't be nearly as simple as making moral choices, as you're "troubled by macabre visions, abusive parents, vicious monsters and unrelenting voices in your head" that are "designed to make the player feel uncomfortable with their progressively-darker choices."

Based on a true story and created by a self-described "lone developer battling his own demons and struggles with violence", Masochisia is less an adventure game – or "game" at all – and more of a "relatively short" linear narrative experience in which player agency drives the story forward. You choose to either "unravel the reality behind the narrative.... or ignore its existence." Designed to be "horrific" rather than a standard "horror" tale, the game's hand-drawn art style and colour palette serve to juxtapose the "pleasant visuals with twisted content".

If you're up to the challenge of confronting your grim fate, there's no need to wait, as Masochisia has been released on Steam today for Window, Mac, and Linux.

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