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The Guest due to arrive this June

Being the titular “guest” in an adventure game tends not to be a good thing for its protagonist, but it’s a very good thing for gamers. Indie Spanish developer Team Gotham hopes to continue that trend this June with The Guest.

Conceived as a first-person exploration game in the vein of Gone Home, the game sees you, in the role of Russian scientist Dr. Leonov, locked in a hotel room – by whom and for what reason is up to you to discover. The gameplay promises to include a mix of familiar adventure puzzle-solving combined with thorough investigation of the various locations within your hotel room. Picking up and closely examining objects around you will offer vital clues to solving some of the puzzles you’ll encounter.

Puzzles and a claustrophobic atmosphere aren’t all you’ll have to contend with however. The doctor suffers from some as-yet-undisclosed mental problems, which will add an additional wrinkle to the gameplay. If the first trailer is any indication, we can expect flashbacks or hallucinatory visions to play a part, with some religious imagery thrown in for good measure.

Coming to both PC and Mac users at a price point of $9.99, we will soon be able to find out for ourselves what sinister motives have caused the good doctor to be imprisoned. And with Oculus Rift DK2 support, virtual reality players can expect total immersion into The Guest’s gloomy world come June. Until then, you can follow the game’s progress on the official website.


The Guest is available at:

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