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Awareness raised for upcoming first-person thriller CAIN

It should come as no surprise that a game called CAIN would be about one brother charged with killing another, but the upcoming adventure by indie Spanish developer Gazpacho Games is no biblical morality tale, but a first-person noir-tinged thriller.

Taking place entirely within a single sprawling house, CAIN stars math specialist Jeff Joyce, a man from Louisiana accused of killing his brother Julius. Jeff awakes in a room with no apparent means of escape and no idea why he has been taken captive. As you help him seek a way out of his imprisonment, the plot thickens as he comes across evidence of many "weird things" happening there.

The first gameplay trailer shows off CAIN's basic mechanics, tasking players with roaming the house in realtime 3D, investigating clues, interacting with the environment, and solving a variety of puzzles in order to progress. As a game about exploration and discovery, very little has been revealed about the story so far, but the developers describe the narrative as a combination of "thriller elements mixed with features from traditional graphic novels."

There is no firm timeline set for CAIN, but the developers are currently targeting a PC release sometime in 2016.

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