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Early news of K’NOSSOS unearthed

Independent developer Svarun Games has announced a project in the pipeline that will appeal to fans of classic 2D  point-and-click adventure games. Taking a break from their other endeavor – the continuing work on their premier title, Vsevolod – Svarun is shifting focus to K’nossos, a game with “strong emphasis on unique atmosphere, immersing puzzles and gripping storyline.”

Not much has been revealed about the actual plot of K’nossos, but the game’s Facebook page hints that it will be a reimagined version of the classic Minotaur tale from Greek mythology, albeit with a sci-fi bent (Knossos being the city under which the Minotaur’s labyrinth was supposedly built). One key feature of the game will be an Orb that accompanies the protagonist, offering four unique abilities that will be crucial to the gameplay: Heat, Melt, Weld and Cut.

The team takes its inspiration from a multitude of well-known sources, from the abstract visuals based on Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky, to the lonely and unsettling atmosphere of games such as Kentucky Route Zero, to the settings and sci-fi overtones of books like Frank Herbert’s Dune, all while staying true to traditional adventure game mechanics of exploration, dialog, and inventory manipulation.

Though much of the story is still shrouded in mystery, the game – which should be getting a crowdfunding campaign at some point down the line – will be released on Windows, Mac, and Linux, with iOS and Android versions to be considered as well. A firm release date has not yet been decided upon, though it seems the game likely won’t be available before 2016 at the earliest.

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