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Plans for Damn Virgins laid out for summer release

The world did not end in 2012, but does that mean the Mayan prediction was untrue, or was disaster averted by one eccentric willing to make the necessary sacrifice to the gods? A new adventure by indie Spanish developer Luis Ruiz explores just such a premise in his upcoming debut title, along with the more pertinent question: where in today's world can you round up enough Damn Virgins?

The Mayans believed that life is "governed in cycles of 5200 years. When each cycle ends, the seven gods who created mankind allow the cycle to repeat in return for an offering." Unfortunately for the Mayans, "during the sacrifice, something went wrong. Enraged, the gods punished the Mayan people, who then disappeared. This disappearance wasn't immediate, though. Earthquakes, droughts, and volcanic eruptions came one after the other, ultimately leading to the fall of the empire."

Now 5200 years later, it's our turn, but only one man understands what needs to be done. As December 21, 2012 approaches, Alex, the dean of a small university, convinces himself that recent natural disasters are signs of impending doom from demanding gods. He therefore "decides to do the sacrifices himself. The problem is that today, virgins are really hard to find." Thanks to his position in the university, Alex founds a fraternity and "tricks the dumbest virgin boys that he finds into joining. Alex promises them that if they finish their studies, he'll take them to Riviera Maya as an end-of-term trip. Using an outing as a ruse, he plans to sacrifice them at the top of Chichen Itza." But first they must pass their final course, and "this professor won't make it easy, [so] Alex will have to take desperate measures. After all, his ticket to Mexico is only one way."

Damn Virgins casts players in the role of Xavi, one of the seven virgins "without any outstanding qualities or ambition, [who] spends his days sleeping on the couch and playing videogames." You'll spend much of your time exploring the fraternity house and a ficticious island, solving puzzles in traditional third-person, point-and-click fashion. As you do, you will unlock segments of a live action film that piece together the story and complement the gameplay.

According to Ruiz, both filming and gameplay are largely complete, with a release date targeted between April and August 2015 on PC and Mac, and possibly iOS devices as well. In the meantime, to learn more about Damn Virgins and vote for it to appear on Steam, drop by the game's Greenlight page for additional details.

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