First trailer, screenshots foreshadow Unforeseen Incidents

By their very nature, unforeseen incidents are never seen coming. Fortunately, we've got a little more warning from indie German developer Backwoods Entertainment about Unforeseen Incidents, a new post-apocalyptic, classic-styled point-and-click adventure now visible on the horizon.

Unforeseen Incidents is set it a world that's been decimated by a deadly virus. The majority of the planet's population is already dead, and to make matters worse, a young man named Harvey Pendrell receives a radio transmission urging him to warn his fellow Yelltown’s survivors that "They are coming."  This cryptic message proves to be just the start of "a journey full of mysteries, inexplicable questions and terrifying revelations" that will ultimately impact the already tenuous future of a fragile human race.

The subject matter sounds incredibly grim, and indeed, the game will place "particular emphasis on an atmospheric game experience" that befits a "world plagued by the most aggressive and lethal virus" ever encountered. But the developers are also inspired by classic LucasArts and other comic adventures like Simon the Sorcerer, so they're promising a light, humorous touch in unveiling "the conspirational dark secrets behind the ongoing catastrophe that threatens to exterminate all humankind."

As seen in the early teaser and screenshots, Unforeseen Incidents will be hand-painted with high resolution 2D graphics. The plan is also to record an original soundtrack and full voice acting, though at least the latter might be dependent on the game being crowdfunded next year. Backwoods are currently in the process of developing a playable demo of the game for PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices, which they intend to unveil sometime in the second quarter of 2015.

To learn more about Unforeseen Incidents, you can follow the game's progress at the official website.

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