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Decay to set in early next year in horror published by Daedalic

Deadalic Entertainment has been synonymous largely with comedy and fantasy titles so far, but things will be taking a decidedly darker turn early next year when the German company publishes Shining Gate Software's horror adventure Decay: The Mare.

Decay casts players in the role of a junkie named Sam, who arrives at an institution called Reaching Dreams hoping to "kick his drug problem and clean up his miserable life." As if the excruciating process of detox wasn't torturous enough, "during the first night, something goes wrong and he gets stuck in a seemingly endless nightmare." In his state of withdrawal, Sam's dreams and hallucinations feel very real, and he believes that "something is trying to harm [him)... while someone is seeking (his) help."

According to the developers, the grim atmosphere and psychological elements of Decay are inspired by survival horrors like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, as well as classic horror adventures like Phantasmagoria, The 11th Hour, and Gabriel Knight. Rather than emphasize combat and stealth elements, the game will play "like a point-and-click adventure game in first-person view with 3D graphics", focusing on "solving puzzles and revealing a dark and scary story."

Daedalic will be publishing the game as a standalone release for PC and Mac in early 2015, but Decay: The Mare was originally conceived as an episodic adventure, and two of the three planned episodes are already available for Windows 8, Windows phones, and Android devices. And if the series sounds familiar, it's because the developers released an earlier game in four parts through Xbox LIVE Indie Games, simply called Decay.

For more information about Decay: The Mare, visit the game's official website for additional links, videos, and background details.

Details on Decay: The Mare

Adventure games by Shining Gate Software

Decay: The Mare  2015

Sam is an addict who ends up in an institution named “Reaching Dreams” hoping to kick his drug problem and clean up his miserable life.