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Between Me and the Night sets to dawn in mid-2015

We've all had crazy dreams at night, only to laugh at their absurdity when we wake up in the morning. But indie developers RainDance LX ask "what if everything just stayed as strange and out-of-place in the morning as it did in your dreams?" That is the basis of their upcoming adventure, Between Me and the Night.

In this "surrealist videogame that walks the thin path between sanity and madness", players control a fiery red-haired, nameless young boy who lives in a floating house. During the day you can explore this stange house, interacting with the environment, solving puzzles and "boosting skills" that you'll need come nightfall. Once the sun sets, no matter how hard you try to stay awake, eventually you'll fall asleep and "have to face the colossal fears that are in his mind."

As seen in the game's early screenshots and first teaser, Between Me and the Night is a third-person adventure with stylish hand-drawn visuals that promises to dwell on multiple levels of duality, including good vs. evil, sanity vs. insanity, and of course day vs. night. Originally begun as a student project in Spain, it is now being financed by Lace Games, who RainDance CEO Joao Ortega claims are giving the small indie team "all the creative control and liberty (needed to) make exactly the game we planned from the beginning."

Currently in development for PC, we should see Between Me and the Night released sometime in the middle of 2015. In the meantime, you can follow the game's progress at its official website.

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