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Epanalepsis starts Kickstarter; seeking funding is Epanalepsis

Ever wondered what happened exactly where you are in the past, or what will be happening in the same place in future? That is the premise behind Epanalepsis, a decade-spanning, narrative-driven adventure that takes place in the same city block in three different time periods, currently raising funding through Kickstarter.

Epanalepsis focuses on three distinct eras: the 1990s, 2010s, and 2030s. Although connected by a common location weaving the three together, each time period has its own distinctive characters, technology, and storyline, as follows:

In 1993, Rachel moves to an apartment in a run-down building on a run-down block. She goes to the same bar every day. She sees Vanessa every day. She sees the streets changing, new groups moving in and out, but sometimes it seems like something is peeking out of the shadows. Other times, when she’s asleep, she meets someone from long ago in a forest.

In 2013, Anthony is living in an apartment in part of town that’s just past trendy. Every day he sees old signs come down only to be replaced by chain restaurants that caters to the families who turned the gritty apartments into concrete-reinforced condos. He works in his office. He comes home. He plays his games. Sometimes he has a coffee to break up the monotony. He dreads when the sun goes down.

In 2033, the city has sprawled up into the sky. Megastructures have sprouted, casting long shadows over the apartment buildings that have now become fortresses. The city is a cyberpunk hellscape where the black market enhancement dealers avoid the private police corps who protect the growing “Lower City tourism” trade. Signals scatter through the streets, and those with their finger to the datapulse keep feeling like they’re missing something.

Although designed like a traditional point-and-click adventure featuring retro-styled pixel art graphics, Epanalepsis will have a heavy focus on narrative, offering "minimal" puzzles with "sensible" solutions. Although the number of actual environments to explore will be limited, by conversing with the various citizens, you'll be able to learn about their respective decades and how they interconnect.

In order to bring the game to completion by year end, indie developer Cameron Kunzelman turned to Kickstarter to finance production. It has already surpassed its modest initial goal of $5,000, but there are plenty of stretch goals yet to be fulfilled before the campaign closes on August 10th. A minimum $10 pledge is required to receive a downloadable copy of the game for PC, Mac, and Linux when finished. To learn more about the game, including the various pledge options, visit the Kickstarter page for full details.

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