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Teaser reveals first strands of dark fantasy adventure The Weavers

Usually "dark adult fantasy settings" and player-controlled character customization are reserved for RPGs, but indie developer Guru Meditation plans to bring this combination to the adventure genre in The Weavers, albeit with a little action element sprinkled in for good measure.

While plot details are still sketchy at this point, The Weavers spins the yarn of Albrecht, a reckless, ruthless young thief who finds himself blackmailed and disgraced. Without the protection of his former organization, Albrecht must first simply try to escape a stalking enemy, but his adventure soon becomes far more complex, taking him "beyond the veil of normality, encroaching into new planes of existence and completely disrupting his perspective on reality."

Inspired by the point-and-click classics, The Weavers is a hand-drawn, high-resolution adventure, but it is far from a traditional experience. Players will be able to customize Albrecht using three different talent trees in order to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. According to the developers, one branch allows for a more aggressive approach, while another emphasizes social interactions, and the third is all about cunning and adaptability. You can choose to specialize in one area or try to balance two or three, and your decisions will impact the paths available to you. There will also be some action scenes and Quick Time Events in order to provide "a bit of thrill" throughout the game.

Currently in production for Windows, Mac, and Linux, there is no firm release deadline yet for The Weavers, as the developers are planning to launch a Kickstarter for the game in September. In the meantime, you can learn more about it at the official website. You can also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.


Details on The Weavers

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The Weavers

Albrecht is a reckless, ruthless young thief who finds himself blackmailed and disgraced.

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