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Kickstarter campaign opened for crime thriller Bureau

In 2011, Guy Galer released his first Bureau game on the Xbox 360. An “audacious experiment”, as he himself called it, the game went on to inspire an Xbox sequel and then a reboot on handheld devices. Now Galer is planning to bring the series to PC, Mac, and Linux in a single, definitive version of the game, incorporating all previous elements and many changes and improvements as well. To do that, he's turned to Kickstarter to help finance production.

Bureau - Season 1 is a point-and-click adventure about Agent Kendall, a rich investigator who "joined the FBI to add security credentials to her resume and make even more money as a consultant." Unexpectedly reassigned back to field work when the Bureau experienced an internal upheaval, Agent Kendall suddenly finds herself outmatched on the forefront of criminal activity, and players must investigate crime scenes, track down the bad guy, and maybe learn a little bit about cognitive psychology along the way.

A packaged deal, the PC release will include modified versions of the first two episodes (Kendall Rising and Shatter Slipper), reworked to fit together smoothly, as well as an all-new episode to round out the experience (Psychic Surprise). Along with improved visuals, additional content, and an overhauled interface, the game also boasts voice acting, sidetracks, and multiple endings based on the choices you make during the course of the adventure.

In order to fund this comprehensive version, Galer is seeking $13,500 on Kickstarter by June 1st. If he achieves his target, the completed game is slated to ship in October of this year. A DRM-free copy of the game can be reserved for $12. Check out the Kickstarter page for further info about the game. Gamers with an Xbox 360, iOS or Android devices can even sample a free demo of the game. You can also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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