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Dramatic paper indie production unfolding in A Song for Viggo

What is the worst loss a person can experience? Many of us would probably answer "losing one’s child". And to take that painful notion one step further: what if that parent were the cause of such a traumatic event? This question will be answered in an uncomfortable but uniquely artistic way in Simon Karlsson’s A Song for Viggo, an indie Swedish adventure currently in production.

When you step into A Song For Viggo, the tragedy has already happened. Players are cast in the role of Steve, who has accidentally run over his son Viggo. Now he and his wife Karen have to cope with their anguish while everyday life intrudes. As Steve, you must plan Viggo’s funeral, be there for your wife and daughter, and make small-talk with your neighbour, among other demands.

The game promises to include five chapters, the first revolving around planning Viggo's funeral while the next four represent different phases of the grieving process: compulsive behavior, boredom, and increasingly self-destructive actions. Your priorities and the choices you make during this process will affect not only you but also your family and thereby the outcome of the story.

A Song for Viggo is a third-person, point-and-click 2D indie production with a distinctive presentation. The characters and environments are made out of plain white paper, folded and glued into different designs by Karlsson and then filmed entirely in stop motion. Simon has also composed the music, inspired by classical composers such as Erik Sathi.

We could see A Song for Viggo released on PC and Mac as early as June 2015, but in order to complete the game by then, the developer plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the end of May. In the meantime, for a personal insight into the mind of the main character Steve, visit his fictional blog. You can also follow the game’s production in the coming months through the official website or Facebook page.

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