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Kickstarter campaign conceived for Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth

Identifying a dearth of Western games hybridizing the adventure and visual novel genres, the developers of Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth hope their new game will fill that gap and are using Kickstarter to do so.

Set in the near future of 2069, Japan has been reduced to post-nuclear ruins. Roving this future wasteland is Yudai Sayashi (Yu), who leads the Durchhalten, a ragtag group of “treasure hunters” or looters (depends on who you ask). The group is shattered after the death of Yu’s sister, and drift into separate lives. Two years after this event the game picks up when Yu hears rumour of real treasure: the mythical Noah’s Ark, containing pre-war technology. Formerly a mere tale of those dreaming of the Old World restored, Yu now has real information of its existence. More important is its reported contents, the Lazarus Protocol, able to restore anything from the past. The Durchhalten must be reunited and the hunt is on; Yu has a dead sister to save.

Exogenesis promises to place a heavy emphasis on storytelling using the techniques of a visual novel. At the same time, however, it will combine puzzles and point-and-click elements to make a more rewarding gameplay experience. Combining six chapters, thematic puzzles, branching gameplay, and multiple endings, the development studio Kwan promises the game will not be a short-lived experience, taking 20-plus hours to complete. Neither will this be a straightforward adventure, as important moral choices are forced upon Yu; characters have their own agendas and self-interests, and nothing is ever quite what it seems. There will be twists and turns in plenty before this tale comes to a conclusion.

Inspired by the likes of the Ace Attorney and Zero Escape series, Exogenesis uses a similar hand-drawn art style as its predecessors. Those familiar with Tokyo will pick up on many real-world locations recreated within the game, but the city has been carefully rendered into a post-war context. Along with the early screenshots and trailer, you can see the game in action for yourself in a playable demo, which offers 3-4 hours of play time and covers 80% of chapter 1.

Kwan plan to have the game in players’ hands by December provided they obtain $32,000 in crowdfunding by May 23rd. A limited number of $21 downloadable copies of the game are still available to celebrate getting Greenlit on Steam, after which $25 will reward backers with a copy of the game for PC, Mac, and Linux. After release, Kwan plan to port the game to various handheld platforms.

To learn more about Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth and to support the game, visit the Kickstarter page or the official website.

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