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Time-travelling Inspire Me to get Kickstarter in near future

What happens when you combine a ball, a kid and a time machine? So asks the upcoming title Inspire Me from Argentinian indie developer Blyts, due to hit Kickstarter later this month. (The answer, as it turns out, is nothing good for the time continuum, but lots of good for gamers.)

Kelvin is a typical young boy. He's been told not to play in his father's lab, but did he listen? Of course not! He's a typical young boy, remember? Unfortunately for him, there's a time machine in there and balls and time machines very definitely do not mix. With one teensy little accident, history has been changed in small but pivotal ways: Newton didn't get hit by that apple, Mona Lisa didn't smile for Leonardo Da Vinci, and Beethoven never came up with the perfect note to complete his 5th Symphony. Now Kelvin's got until his father gets home to sort things out again, or he'll have an awful lot of explaining to do! As the little boy, you'll have to go back in time and inspire some of history's greatest minds, hopefully learning a little along the way.

With its bright cartoon graphics and bouncy soundtrack, Inspire Me aims to wrap its worthy educational aims in jaunty good humour. The developers are promising a mixture of traditional point-and-click gameplay and standalone puzzles and brainteasers. There will be no dialogue of any kind, spoken or written; instead, the game will use animated pictorial thought bubbles, Machinarium-style. As well as the three events already mentioned, Blyts also hope – depending on the crowdfunding campaign set to kick off soon – to add further scenarios featuring other famous figures.

Inspire Me is tentatively scheduled for release late this year for PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS devices. You can find out more on the official website. You can also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight while you wait for the Kickstarter campaign to kick off on April 18th.

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