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Daedalic breaks the Silence on The Whispered World 2

Things have been pretty hush-hush around Daedalic lately, but at last we know the reason why, as the German developer has just announced production of Silence: The Whispered World 2.

Named after a "world made of dreams", the game stars a teenager named Noah, who "lost his little sister Renie in the hazardous real world and now hopes to find her again in Silence. His quest leads him to another visually impressive and emotional adventure, where players get to solve plenty of mysteries surrounding Noah, his sister and the dreamscapes of Silence."

As seen in the lengthy cinematic announcement trailer, Silence promises to include completely new 3D visuals, an "emotionally rewarding yet humorous story" and a variety of new features as well. In fact, the new game looks so different than its predecessor that it scarcely seems like a sequel, but Daedalic also promises a "reunion with old friends" along the way.

There is no firm release date set for Silence just yet, but look for The Whispered World 2 to be completed for PC and Mac in late 2014.


Silence is available at:

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