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Daedalic breaks the Silence on The Whispered World 2

Things have been pretty hush-hush around Daedalic lately, but at last we know the reason why, as the German developer has just announced production of Silence: The Whispered World 2.

Named after a "world made of dreams", the game stars a teenager named Noah, who "lost his little sister Renie in the hazardous real world and now hopes to find her again in Silence. His quest leads him to another visually impressive and emotional adventure, where players get to solve plenty of mysteries surrounding Noah, his sister and the dreamscapes of Silence."

As seen in the lengthy cinematic announcement trailer, Silence promises to include completely new 3D visuals, an "emotionally rewarding yet humorous story" and a variety of new features as well. In fact, the new game looks so different than its predecessor that it scarcely seems like a sequel, but Daedalic also promises a "reunion with old friends" along the way.

There is no firm release date set for Silence just yet, but look for The Whispered World 2 to be completed for PC and Mac in late 2014.

Community Comments

Latest comments (9 total)

Looks interesting. I seriosly disliked The Whispered World. Way too childish. But this looks a lot better. Bleak and depressing but also sort of hopeful, Quite intrigued. And the graphics are awesome. Hope they’ll do the same for TDE3.

Dec 17, 2013

WOW i can’t wait Whispered world it’s my yet best adventure game to play,very emotional ending and music to remember

Dec 16, 2013

Is it me, or did the moon and the clouds form a face in the skyline a few times in that trailer?

Dec 15, 2013

Well, I don’t really like the 3d part of it. I like Daedalic because they make 2d ones. But ok, who knows. Problem is, it’s quite ‘easy’ to make a good 2d one, and it’s also quite easy to make a very bad 3d one. But a good 3d one is hard.

Don’t really get why they would want to venture into 3d. 2d is awesome.

Dec 15, 2013

You think the original Whispered World was lighthearted? Are you kidding? And this obviously isn’t your typical cash-grab sequel; it doesn’t even look like a sequel at all at first glance. I’m a little confused as to how the reappearance of old friends from the first game will even be possible, given the outcome of the first game.

Dec 15, 2013

Half of me wants to lament again like I did when Lost Horizon 2 was announced to be 3D. I’m skeptical changing series so drastically, and I’m especially sensitive when it comes to my beloved games. I’m not sure Unity engine capabilities can match the old TWW beauty. I’d also say it’s better to leave sacred thing alone, but that’s industry.

Dec 12, 2013

Looks okay, but I would still prefer 2D graphics… It’s also clear that this one won’t be so lighthearted than the first, which is also a little turn-off for me.

Dec 12, 2013


Dec 11, 2013

This is spectacular news! looking forward for the day of the release!

Dec 11, 2013
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