Gabriel Knight-inspired Mudlarks planned for release by early next year

Fans of games with real-life settings and storylines should keep an eye on Mudlarks, an upcoming indie adventure inspired by Gabriel Knight and other Sierra and LucasArts classics.

Winston, the protagonist of this point-and-click game, and his friend James are “mudlarkers”—hobbyists who comb the shore of the River Thames looking for historical artifacts that have resurfaced from underwater. After discovering a valuable golden locket, James disappears and Winston must figure out what happened to him in what the developers describe as an atmospheric, dialogue- and puzzle-driven adventure with paranormal and sci-fi elements.

Set in London, the game features “embellished real world locations” reminiscent of the photorealistic backgrounds in mid-1990s Sierra games such as Police Quest: Open Season and Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within, and will include a “host of animated and voiced characters.” The first project from a three-person amateur team, Mudlarks is being created with the free Adventure Game Studio engine.

Although no firm release date has been announced, the developers expect to release the game by the first quarter of 2014 as a DRM-free download. You can learn more about Mudlarks at the official website.

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Niclas Niclas
Oct 23, 2013

Looks interesting. Feels very GK2. Smile

Apr 18, 2014

I am playing this at the moment, and really enjoying it. The character movement was a bit odd at first, but got used to it.

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