Simogo’s DEVICE 6 set to switch on iOS devices later this year

It's no groundless sales pitch to say DEVICE 6 is a game that defies easy categorization. The upcoming iOS adventure clearly delights in uncertainty. Simogo, the same team behind the disturbingly bizarre Year Walk earlier this year, has not revealed a great deal about their new game, but it is certain DEVICE 6 will be another foray into the surreal and uncanny.

In this "thriller in which the written word is your map, as well as your narrator", the protagonist, Anna, "wakes up in a castle on a remote island, with little recollection of how she got there. All she remembers is an unusually unpleasant doll…” Via text and images, some clues begin to remove Anna's shroud: a bookshelf filled with dated science texts, a calendar on the wall reading September 1946, and an image of a monitor reading “0227”.

Gameplay will largely be narrated and navigated with text and maps. Certain passages of text will feature a concept the developers have dubbed “visions”, a visual glimpse into the text in which “you’ll swipe to 'move' around in the text", manipulating some of the visions to solve puzzles.” Simogo describes DEVICE 6 as having “very strong gaming elements, but it has just as strong elements of a book or a classic riddle."

It's hard to get a firm read on a game that has been inspired by the eclectic likes of "Franz Kafka, Agatha Christie, David Cronenberg (mostly Scanners), spy and agent-themed movies from the '60s, The Prisoner, videogames like Professor Layton, 999 and Zelda, and just technology (both old and new) in general." We won't have long to find out more, however, as Simogo aims to release DEVICE 6 late this year.

Details on DEVICE 6

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Anna wakes up in a castle on a remote island, with little recollection of how she got there.

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