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The Gods Will Be Watching new Indiegogo campaign for survivalist adventure

The adventure genre may not usually get much widestream attention, but if indie developers Deconstructeam have their way, the Gods Will Be Watching in a new survivalist adventure now seeking funding on Indiegogo.

Gods Will Be Watching stars Sgt. Burden, who faces six distinct scenarios that confront players with "hard decisions and moral dilemmas in order to survive." The circumstances vary significantly between scenarios: in one, you face a deadly virus that threatens to kill everyone within 48 hours, while in another you must manage a hostage situation, maintaining calm among the frightened captives while also dealing with a space lab's security forces. Players will not only need to secure the necessary resources to progress, but also decide what type of leader you want to be. In the same hostage scenario, you can "choose to reduce the human casualties to the minimum, or maybe you just want to make useful sacrifices to save the situation: murdering one of the hostages can be really useful to keep everybody down."

Originally created by Deconstructeam as a single-scene survival simulator (which can still be played at the developer's website) for Ludum Dare 26, the new version will be expanded substantially into "a big game about despair, commitment and self-justified sacrifices, in which the player set the rules of behaviour." Offering "ten-plus hours of gameplay for the true survivors (hundreds in the likely case you keep dying)", the enhanced version promises to include new cinematics, an original soundtrack, and an empathy system in which "player actions affect the whole group's attitude."

In order to complete the game by next February on a variety of platforms, the developers are seeking 8,000€ by August 15th on Indiegogo. A minimum 8€ is required for a DRM-free download on Windows, Mac, or Linux, while a 15€ minimum is required to get the game for iOS and Android devices. The campaign is already nearing its initial goal, but any contributions over and above will go towards a range of stretch goals, the highest being the inclusion of voice acting for Burden.

To learn more about Gods Will Be Watching and to contribute to the campaign, visit the Indiegogo page for full details.

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Clicked on the link, they’re already funded? Quick! Looks great either way.

Jul 18, 2013
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