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Papo & Yo port leaps onto Steam next month

Until now, only PlayStation 3 owners had been able to experience the unique allegorical tale of Papo & Yo, but that won't be the case much longer, as a PC port of the game will be launching on Steam next month. 

A unique mix of platorming and adventure that won our Best Concept Aggie Award last year, Papo & Yo tells the story of a young boy named Quico who explores a South American favela with his best friend Monster, a "mostly-friendly beast with razor-sharp teeth. Monster loves Quico but has a serious problem: an addiction to poisonous frogs, which, when eaten, drive him into a murderous rage from which no one, even Quico, is safe."

As a very personal allegorical tale of Creative Director Vander Caballero’s childhood experience of alcoholism and abuse, Papo & Yo guides players through an increasingly "mystical world, manipulating the environment to open up new paths and move forward on their quest to cure Monster of his addiction and save him from the greatest danger of all: himself."

The PC version of Papo & Yo will be arriving on Steam on April 18th, promising a number of as-yet-unspecified updates and improvements.  In the meantime, be sure to check out our review of the game for complete details.

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