XING travels road from Kickstarter to The Land Beyond

Usually deaths are taboo in adventure games, but it's imperative that you die in XING: The Land Beyond, an independent first-person "contemplative journey through the afterlife" that's currently seeking crowdfunding through Kickstarter.

In XING, it's clearly true that death is just the beginning. You may not be in heaven (though for adventure gamers, maybe this IS heaven!), but you will "find yourself on a journey across a series of mysterious islands. You will encounter perplexing puzzles, trapped souls, and the power to change the environment around you. Spiritualism, mysticism and logic come together in the land of XING, where you will traverse mountains, deserts, forests, volcanoes and more."

As its latest trailer clearly displays, XING is a stunning real-time 3D adventure, controlled by the standard keyboard-mouse combo. With no dialogue at all, the story of XING is told "through gameplay and poetry" while the puzzles, whose design is "akin to the Zelda series", revolve around manipulating the environment in various ways, granting players such powers as the ability to "summon rain, generate snowstorms and change the time of day to help them solve puzzles."

While production on XING from independent three-person White Lotus Interactive is coming along nicely, the developers are seeking an additional $15,000 through Kickstarter by April 1st in order to complete the game as planned by October. Failure to meet their goal won't result in the project's cancellation, but would result in a smaller game. The minimum pledge to receive a free downloadable copy of the game upon launch is $15, though there are tiers both below and above that amount offering various other rewards.

To contribute to the fundraising campaign or simply to learn more about XING: The Land Beyond, check out the Kickstarter page for full details.

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All alone after crash landing your spacecraft on a desolate island, you discover ruins and statues that suggest a foreign civilization may once have inhabited the area.