Indie horror adventure The Cat Lady unleashed today

If you've got a little money left over in the kitty, you just might want to break it out for The Cat Lady, a new horror adventure released today by Screen 7.

Created by Rem Michalski, the indie developer behind the cult hit Downfall, The Cat Lady follows the surreal tale of Susan Ashworth. After attempting to kill herself, Susan finds herself in a dreamlike world between life and death, where she is reluctantly given a second chance. Determined to make the best of it, Susan is now under suicide watch and she'll need to deal with several human "parasites" who will attempt to do her harm even as she struggles to find new meaning for her life.

The Cat Lady is currently available either as a DRM-free digital download for £9.99, or in two different disc versions starting at £16.99 (free worldwide shipping) from the publisher's website, where you can also find a demo of the game.

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The Cat Lady



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Digital December 1 2012 Screen 7

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The Cat Lady

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Dec 3, 2012

I bought this game… and must say it has been fantastic so far, it has exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend this game!

click and run click and run
Dec 10, 2012

This, along with Downfall, are totally unique examples of Adventure. If you can stomach the gore, mature visuals. Frakking Masterpieces!

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