Benoît Sokal to write Syberia III for 2014-2015 release

Three years after the original announcement of Syberia III, the good news is that the game is now officially underway with series creator Benoît Sokal back on board. The bad news is that we may need to wait another three years to see it.

Hot on the heels of announcing a new installment in the Dracula series, French publisher Anuman Interactive is right back at it with news that Sokal has signed on for Syberia III as writer and Art Director. Also returning to the franchise is Elliot Grassiano, the founder of Microïds, who will oversee production.

Not much has been revealed about the new Syberia title, but Sokal has referred to it as "another Kate Walker adventure", so at long last we'll find out what happened to the plucky American lawyer after her life-alterning journey into the frozen land of mammoths.

Syberia III will be developed for (as yet undisclosed) multiple platforms, and is expected to launch sometime in 2014 or 2015.


Nov 29, 2012

This is really great! They should really take their time and make the best adventure game ever.

Abnaxus Abnaxus
Nov 29, 2012

Great news indeed, but three years is such a long time.

geosouv geosouv
Jan 9, 2013

Oh, God it’s so great to hear such wonderful news. I can’t wait to play Syberia 3

Feb 8, 2013

Long time indeed. I may be dead by that time.

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