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Sci-fi detective series HeXit tries its luck with Kickstarter campaign

Like a comet with a tail, where science fiction goes these days, it seems that Kickstarter isn't too far behind. The latest adventure to join the outer space parade is a new episodic series named HeXit.

The creation of Hungarian developer CyberphobX, HeXit stars police officer Jane Davis, who discovers classified information she was never intended to see after being thrust into a hostage rescue operation involving a top secret government agency. Jane launches her own investigation to probe deeper, but the agency will stop at nothing to oppose her, because "if this sensitive material leaks to the general public it will shake the very foundations of society". Meanwhile, both a global conglomerate and a Resistance group also want the information for their own purposes, and Jane must "decide which of the three sides to join; the government, the conglomerate or the Resistance. How will she use the secrets she is about to reveal? Will she make the right choice? Will she join the right side? Or will she keep everything to herself?" 

As the game's dramatic trailer indicates, [ii]HeXit is set in a futuristic world that the developers claim is reminiscent of Blade Runner or the new Total Recall movie.  According to CyberphobX, the team is attempting to combine science fiction and police procedurals into a compelling tale with several side-stories and "countless usable items" to combine. The graphics will be pre-rendered, the control point-and-click, and full English voice acting will be recorded.

If that sounds too good to be true, there are some strings attached.  Like other new sci-fi announcements before it (and still more to come), HeXit has its own Kickstarter campaign, with a goal of reaching $75,000 by July 10th.  The developers have confirmed to Adventure Gamers that they're intent on finishing the game with or without Kickstarter, but a successful campaign will allow them to target release in March 2013.  Without funding, the schedule would be pushed back at least 7 or 8 months and fewer resources might result in a less polished adventure.

HeXit is intended as a multi-part episodic series, and though Kickstarter donations only go towards the opening installment, the debut promises 6-10 hours of gameplay in its own right.  For additional videos, information about the game, and full pledge details, check out the Kickstarter page and the official website



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