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Resonance demo reverberates a week before final release

If you like the sound of what you've heard of Resonance so far, but aren't sure you want to commit a week before release, maybe today's release of the playable demo will help you decide. 

Created by acclaimed indie developer Vince Twelve, with support from publisher Wadjet Eye Games, Resonance stars four playable characters all drawn into a desperate race against time when a series of worldwide catastrophes seem to link back to a dead particle physicist.  Before his death, the scientist hid his research in a secret vault, and now the protagonists seek to find it, but "the suspicions they harbor, the memories they guard, the connections they share – all will converge as these four ordinary people work together to prevent a potentially cataclysmic disaster.

The demo weighs in at 270 MB, and can be downloaded from the official website.  According to the publisher, it's a lengthy sampler providing 2-3 hours of gameplay.  Play begins right at the start of the game, as a mathematician named Ed receives an urgent call from his boss, who’s determined to destroy his Resonance Project data lest it fall into the wrong hands.

With just a week to go before its June 19th launch, those interested in a boxed copy of the game are running out of time to get in on the exclusive pre-order offer from the Wadjet Eye website

For more information about the game, be sure to check out our recent hands-on preview.

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