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Trailer shines first light on Shadow of a Soul

Brrr... That shiver you're feeling isn't the cold of winter setting in, it's the chill of impending doom. Didn't know doom was coming? Then you haven't yet watched the announcement trailer for Shadow of a Soul.

The three-part debut adventure from indie Turkish developer Vivec Entertainment casts players in the role of a thief named Jack, who breaks into an office complex to steal some plans for a new product. But the fear of getting caught soon takes on a whole new meaning, because "as unnatural sounds and horrifying visions begin to unravel before his eyes, Jack begins to have the unnerving feeling that he has become the target of a malignant presence and he isn't allowed to leave... just yet."

As demonstrated in the hauntingly atmospheric first teaser, Shadow of a Soul is a first-person horror adventure that promises "a story rich in riddles, enigmas and terrifying horrors". There is no combat in this game, but the threat isn't entirely passive either, as players must "solve puzzles, search for clues, and uncover the mysteries while hiding from various manifestations of ghosts." Ferzan Aygen, Vivec's one-man development team, describes the game as "Thief meets Call of Cthulhu with a lot more puzzle and adventure elements" thrown into its modern urban setting.

Shadow of a Soul has been in developed for a year now, and is currently on track for downloadable release on PC and Mac a week before Halloween 2012, with hopes of a retail version and PlayStation 3 release to follow. For more details about the game, or to pre-order at a special discount price with added incentives, check out the official website.

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