First screenshots and trailer encountered on Nando’s World

The turning of another calendar year may be a time of out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new, but the elderly aren't ready to go quietly in Nando's World, an upcoming point-and-click indie adventure now unveiled in the first screenshots and trailer.

The debut title from Italian studio NHIM Games is set in a place where "nature has been completely reconstructed by mankind, the last non-cybernetic animals are confined in zoo-museums, forests of electronics trees claim boundless gray areas of the country, and once populated cities are now ghost towns." Here even old age is meaningless for most people thanks to the rejuvenating medicine of Yo-Yo-Fe (Young Young Forever). Only a few refuse, who live out their lives in small controlled towns. It is in one such town where a dear friend of Nando's apparently dies, but when Nando discovers his friend secretly fled to an island where mankind lives in harmony with nature, he sets out on his own unusual journey to find this idyllic island for himself.

As seen in the first images of the game, Nando's World features 28 hand-painted environments, graphic novel-styled cinematics, and 11 distinct characters with their own stories and personalities. The tale will unfold over the course of two downlodable episodes for PC and Mac, the first of which is on track for release within the first few months of 2012.

For more details about Nando's World be sure to check out the developer's blog.

Details on Nando’s World: Episode 1

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Nando’s World: Episode 1

In a world where nature has been completely reconstructed by mankind, only a few people have decided not to use the Rejuvenating Medicine Yo-Yo-Fe - Young Young Forever.

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