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Trailer offers sneak peek of MacGuffin’s Curse

If you're anxiously awaiting a meaty puzzler to sink your teeth into, Brawsome's MacGuffin's Curse isn't too far off, and today the Aussie developer released the first teaser for the top-down adventure.

In the latest game from the developer of Jolly Rover, Lucas MacGuffin turns to crime during a particularly hard time. Unfortunately for Lucas, his heist at the Museum of Myths and Mysteries results in two dire consequences. The first is that the museum alarm has put the entire city on high alert. That other is a little matter of winding up with a magical artifact that lets him turn into a werewolf in moonlight.

The video offers a first live glimpse of the gameplay, which involves Lucas strategically using his different abilities in human and werewolf forms to solve the many puzzles that stand between him (them?) and freedom. For more about MacGuffin's Curse, be sure to check out our preview of the game and head over to the official website.

No firm release date has yet been announced, but MacGuffin's Curse is nearly fiished and scheduled for launch some time in March 2012 or shortly thereafter.

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