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New voiceovers explain short delay for Captain Morgane

The fans have spoken, and Captain Morgane is heading back to the recording studio. UK publisher Reef Entertainment has now officially confirmed a short delay of the pirate-themed Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle in order to record new English voiceovers, among other updates in response to fan feedback.

As earlier announced in the Comments section of our very own preview/interview with writer Steve Ince, Reef has taken public criticism of the new voiceovers to heart. Chief among them is Captain Morgane herself, who first appeared in the two So Blonde games with a Spanish accent before being replaced by an English one in her own spin-off adventure. Even Ince expressed his surprise at the new direction in our interview. Now Reef is determined to correct this issue, stating that "there were a number of issues, including areas of the English voice acting, which needed to be addressed."

The downside to this news is that the game has now been delayed from its projected 2011 release. Not for too long, however, as Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle is now scheduled for launch in February 2012.


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