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Teaser evidence leaves Nancy Drew’s Alibi in Ashes

Usually Nancy Drew is hopping around the globe in pursuit of criminals, but as today's trailer for Alibi in Ashes suggests, Nancy is staying in River Heights this fall for a mystery that truly hits close to home: an arson for which she herself is the main suspect.

In the teen sleuth's 25th PC installment, the River Heights Town Hall is engulfed in flames when a local contest goes dangerously awry. There are several possible culprits, but "well-placed incriminating evidence and poisonous local gossip compelled authorities to make only one arrest: Nancy Drew. Can you, as the teenage detective and her closest friends, catch the real arsonist and extinguish the accusations among the embers?"

Alibi in Ashes promises a whopping four different playable characters, giving players the chance to control not only Nancy but Ned, Bess, and George as well. Different characters will provide different answers depending on the person questioning them, so you'll have multiple chances to probe others for the information you seek.

No firm release date has yet been announced for Alibi in Ashes, but Her Interactive will begin accepting pre-orders at the official website on September 26th, so the game isn't far off now.

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