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In-game Cat Lady trailer now posted

There's plenty of blood shed in Harvester Games' The Cat Lady, but as the latest trailer reveals, this ain't no cat fight.

The new game from the indie creator of Downfall promises to be every bit as gory and horrific as its predecessor. In The Cat Lady, Susan Ashworth attempts suicide but is revived, ripped from the dreamlike world she'd gone to on the edge of life of death. Determined to make good on her second chance at life, unfortunately for Susan something evil came with her from the netherworld. Placed under Suicide Watch, five people are about to come into Susan's life, one of whom has only the cruelest of intentions to hurt her.

The new video offers a live (more or less) in-game glimpse of The Cat Lady as Susan interrupts a monstrous creature dressed like a nurse, brutally buthering something on a table. When noticed, the nurse comes after Susan with malicious intent, and as she draws ever closer... well, let's just say that this video is not for the young or squeamish.

There is still no firm release date for The Cat Lady, but the game is currently projected for release sometime later this year.

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